To help broaden the base of knowledge and boost awareness about the new actors, tools and issues surfacing in the impact investing and leveraged philanthropy arenas, Burckart has engaged in a number of projects that are producing comprehensive, objective new content examining the full range of these developments, brought to the widest possible audience through outreach and field broadening initiatives. More specifically, we are helping to:

  • Bring greater coherence to the field, helping its pioneers represent their innovations more effectively to each other and to philanthropists, social investors, and capital market players globally in order to bring new developments fully into the mainstream.
  • Boost the profile of these new actors and tools among key stakeholders, including public policymakers, the media, investment advisors, investors, and the general public.
  • Identify policy changes needed to lower barriers to utilizing these new tools and increase incentives for their operation.
  • Enhance the knowledge base and legitimacy of the field by producing authoritative and analytical research focused on key trends and best practices.

These efforts have been conducted primarily with four key groups, including: the Money Management Institute, the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies, and the UK Cabinet Office. Each effort has targeted specific audiences within the broadly defined space of impact investing. See below for related resources.