Webinar (with audio): Can Advisors and Asset Managers Get on the Same Impact Investing Page?


Leading advisory firms are rapidly building out menus of ESG and impact investment opportunities. At the same time, forward-thinking asset managers and product developers are also accelerating their efforts, developing investment strategies that apply more rigorous criteria for measuring social and environmental impact. The fly in the ointment, however, is that advisory firms have been inconsistent in how they frame and define “impact investing”, leaving asset managers with no clear standards for ESG and impact integration. As a result, gatekeepers have selected fewer impact investing options, and asset managers are missing a big opportunity to go beyond basic ESG alignment.

This webinar, which builds on the findings from MMI's new special report with Burckart Consulting on impact investing, addresses this divide head-on, examining what clients are really demanding, what advisors must be able to provide, and what asset managers need to know to better position themselves.

Hear the Audio File (MP3) from the session and see the Presentation (PDF)

Arlen Oransky, Vice President, MMI

William (“Bill”) Burckart, Founder and CEO, Burckart Consulting

Jon Hale, Director of Manager Research, North America, Morningstar, Inc.
Mark D. Sloss, Head of Investment Management Models & Portfolios, UBS Wealth Management Americas

50 minutes – including time allocated for Q&A