Moderator: 2015 Toronto Wealth Management Summit

Charting a New Path: Millennials and Impact Investing

Surveys consistently show that Gen Xers and Millennials rank what their investments will accomplish over how much they will earn. Put another way, they want their investments and philanthropy to be nearly indistinguishable. But platforms, products, and opportunities that integrate environmental, social, and governance factors with investing – reliably and in a scalable fashion – remain limited. New thinking is needed to better meet the emerging client demand, but the potential sources of growth and innovation are not evident. This is the dilemma our panel will tackle as it addresses a number of key questions:

  • Is the demand for impact investing from Millennials sustainable? What is motivating it, and what might derail it?
  • How are younger investors using ESG and impacting investing solutions? How are these solutions likely to change in the years ahead and why?
  • What are the implications for investors and advisors?

Moderator: William Burckart, Founder and CEO, Burckart Consulting
Tessa Hebb, Director, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, Carleton University
Sandra Odendahl, Director, Corporate Sustainability and Head, Social Finance Initiative, Royal Bank of Canada
Ryan Pollice, Canadian Responsible Investment Leader, Mercer Investments