The Social Stock Exchange is delighted to be presenting a Naked Impact Seminar on the Rising Stars Stage as well as exhibiting. Confirmed speakers for Naked Impact Seminar:  Justin Urquhart Strewart – Seven Investment Management, William Burckart – Burckart Consulting, Peter Matthews – Capital for colleagues and Paul de Savary – Home from Home Care.

Featured in FundFire: HNW Investors Skeptical of ESG Despite Huge Marketing Push

"A lot of the banks and brokerages are definitely putting a lot of money and thought and resources into marketing and positioning themselves in the broadly defined world of responsible investing," says William Burckart, founder and CEO of Burckart Consulting. Part of what is driving the profusion of marketing and public relations campaigns are firms’ desire to tap into what they view as a big future opportunity driven by growing investor interest, he says.

Featured: Responsible Investor’s ESG Magazine

On 18 September 2008, the global nancial system came within a hair’s breadth of complete meltdown. This worst case was ultimately avoided, but the collapse that day of Lehman Brothers with its $600bn in assets helped trigger a worldwide economic crisis. Some 6m people lost their jobs, the Dow plunged 5,000 points, cash-strapped banks needed government bailouts, General Motors and Chrysler declared bankruptcy and the US unemployment rate skyrocketed to almost 10%. All because very smart people making rational decisions to boost portfolio returns turned a blind eye to the systemic risks they were creating.