Authored Report - Serving Client Demand for Impact Investing: A Hands-on Guide for Financial Advisors and Senior Management

This special report arose over the course of a multi-year discussion between MMI and Impact Economy—the global impact investing and strategy firm—about the emergence of impact investing and the peculiar challenges and opportunities it represents for financial institutions and investors.

This exchange began in October 2012 with an exhibition of Impact Economy’s impact investing services for attendees at MMI’s Fall Solutions Conference in New York, and was continued with the launch of an Impact Investing Blog on MMI’s website in July 2013. The resulting report also benefited from Impact Economy’s extensive and pioneering impact investing work and industry expertise, reviews of client mandates, data analysis and desk research, and targeted interviews with leading financial institutions that were initiated in November 2013.

The findings were further augmented with baseline data and insights that were generated from a survey that MMI distributed to over 400 senior financial services executives in March 2014.